As we move into the final review stages of the River Knoll project, educating our neighbors about the benefits of the project, answering questions, and garnering community support will all be very important to the overall success of this project.

We want to make sure that we address as many voiced concerns as possible, from school capacity, to roads and infrastructure, architectural style, neighborhood impact and environmental sensitivity. We also welcome your ideas about how to improve the current plan. Making this project a win-win for the community, adjacent neighbors, downtown merchants, and future residents is very important to us.

If you would like to attend one of our on-site meetings and hear more about the project, get a tour, and ask us questions on any topic, we hope that you will sign up for one of our upcoming gatherings. While each meeting will have a slated topic, guests are welcome to ask any subject question at any meeting during the Q&A. Our goal is to work with the community to create the best possible result for all.

Look out for dates, times and registration invites from us on this website, and please feel free to contact Jenifer Ross, our new Director of Community Experience, at any time via email at, via the contact tab on this site, or by calling her at 914-594-5099.

Please take a moment to sign our online support petition if you are in favor of this project. Every voice matters!

Looking forward hearing from you, and meeting you soon!