River Knoll Site Design Mandates – Preservation of Open Space!

At the outset of planning River Knoll, the sponsor met with neighbors, area residents and community leaders to understand their collective wishes and goals for this special property. Resoundingly, the response was for the preservation of open space with a residential use that would be both compatible and complimentary to the community. The following design objectives were established and became the parameters by which the design team adhered:

  • Preserving 75% of the site to remain permanently green! Green buffers to adjoining properties will be substantially enlarged, key stands of trees will be preserved and the new building footprint will be minimized thereby maximizing green porous surfaces.
  • Removal of the eight existing psychiatric hospital buildings with the replacement of just one new residential building positioned in the center of the property.
  • Preservation of the scenic grassy-meadow fronting Croton Dam Road which is a quarter-mile in length (West Meadow ).
  • Preservation and enlargement of Narragansett, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenues meadows (East Meadow ).
  • Creation of a new Pershing Avenue buffer (South Buffer ).
  • Creation of a new Grandview Avenue buffer (North Buffer ).
  • Designing the new building to be lower than existing Stony Lodge Hospital structures.
  • Maintaining the existing and only access point on Croton Dam Road.
  • Installing state-of-the-art and cohesive storm water management to alleviate runoff to adjoining neighbors and substantially improve water quality.

These guidelines will result in the many beautiful green areas of the site being preserved as depicted in the images below:


The following images show the actual placement of the River Knoll building on the site and the corresponding careful preservation of the landscape features:


Contrasting the new building site plan with the current Stony Lodge site plan:

This site plan depicts the River Knoll project and the preservation and expansion of all meadows, preservation of stands of trees, and the creation of new green buffers.
This plan depicts the current Stony Lodge Hospital and its eight buildings superimposed over the River Knoll proposal. The bright green areas highlight the buildings that will be removed and replaced with new green space.

Comparison of Existing and Proposed Impervious Surfaces: