Repurposing the Property

Properties like the former Stony Lodge Hospital in Ossining are ideal candidates for repurposing for new residential. The question isn’t, “will something happen there?” It’s “how do we develop responsibly and thoughtfully?”

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The redevelopment of the Stony Lodge site will demonstrate that development can be respectful of the communities it touches. River Knoll will consolidate, rather than expand the built footprint and, thereby preserve nearly 75% of the site as permanent green space, maintain stands of trees, substantially enlarge existing meadows and create new green buffers. The residences will be geared toward empty nesters who may want to downsize yet stay in their community, and also young professionals and millennials who want to return to Ossining. And with our investment in new off-property road improvements, we’ll take on the responsibility of solving traffic problems that already exist.


River Knoll will repurpose the site of the Stony Lodge Hospital, a children’s psychiatric hospital which closed in 2012. Since the closing of the hospital, the buildings have been minimally maintained and their visible deterioration has become a concern for residents and Town officials. These eight hospital and ancillary buildings will all be removed. The land area for six of these old buildings will be converted to new green space!

Below are photographs of the current state of Stony Lodge Hospital: