Other Housing Alternatives:

As part of our examination of the Stony Lodge site, we exhaustively studied other approaches to residential construction. These other approaches are shown below and include townhouses, cluster housing, and traditional single family concepts. In every instance these alternatives were much less appealing because they are far more invasive on the property’s natural features and will strip the site of the majority of its trees and cause:

  • The elimination of many additional acres of green open space.
  • Strip the site of its stands of trees and trees buffering surrounding properties.
  • Eliminate the large meadow that fronts Croton Dam Road (one quarter mile in length).
  • Eliminate the large meadow that fronts Narragansett Avenue and First and Second Avenues,
  • Significantly increase non-porous area and thereby requiring larger and greater stormwater detention basins.
  • Greatly increase internal roads, driveways and utilities.
  • Increase school-aged children.
  • Cause a net decrease in tax revenues to the School District and Town as the services required by these alternatives are greater than the revenues generated.
  • And others…






Statistical Comparison of the Above Alternatives to Our Proposed Project:

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